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How We Got Started

It was my dream to have my own business. So wherever I worked, my intention was to dig down the secret of the business. I spent almost 5 years in Cyprus. There I worked in hotel industry. I used to think what if I could deliver the raw material (e. g. Vegetables, fish & other foodstuff) there. I knew many raw material are spoiled every year in Bangladesh.

So After my return in Bangladesh I started working in a export & import company. Few years later I realize okay, its okay, it is time to give my experience a shot. Now I am looking forward.


Managing Director, Sareng Impex Limited

About Sareng Impex

Established in 2016 Sareng Impex Limited. is an international trading company located in Dhaka Bangladesh which is specializing in the import and export business. The company offers products ranging from food, agro products, fish, and meat to handicrafts products of Bangladesh to other countries.

From our beginning, we are committed to providing the industry worldwide with Quality goods. We believe in establishing long-term business and personal relationships with companies and individuals that share and practice the mutual belief that honesty, integrity, and reliability are very important to everyone’s success. We know these relationships will allow us to become a leader in the import/export industry.

Winter Vegetable

We are highly interested in exporting vegetable. As to encourage the exporter govt. offers subsidy on vegetable exporting. All type of winter vegetable can be exported with great care. Frozen vegetables are also possible.

Stock lot of garments

Bangladesh is the largest exporter of garments. If you need a stock lot or surplus garments you can contact us.  T-shirt, pants, trousers, ladies items are available. Quality of our garments cannot be challenged.

Pies and Pitha

Asian people love Bangladeshi made pitha and pies so much. We are certified exporters of those items. We ensure taste and quality not for our clients but also to introduce our recipe to the world.

As a person from the discipline of Marketing I really appreciate my teachers who taught me how to become a successful entrepreneur. Because very often our teachers reminded us that our country is full of resources and a country of great possibilities, just need a brave entrepreneur. So at the middle of my MBA course I was thinking of opening a business.

A business through which I can change our resources into money. But as I know business needs collaboration. So I was really seeking for someone who have some practical experience. Finally found Mizanur Rahman- a skilled person in export & import industry. So the journey started.


Director and Business Development Officer, Sareng Impex Limited

Spices or Masala powder

Domestic spices e.g. Red Chilli, Black Pepper, Turmeric Powder etc have a great value all over the world. Our supplier can even supply a huge quantity as per your need.

Local Betel Leaf

Bangladeshi Betel Leaf is famous for its size and taste. 100% fresh Betel Leaf can be supplied. Size & Packaging are quite flexible. We can supply in bulk as per requirement.

Processed Rice

All type of processed rice, Chira, and the local recipe made of them are available to export. Based on the quantity we will ask for time. Packages can be done according to your choice.

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